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Is Your Garden Tractor Fully Covered?

All Farm Homeowner Policies have what is called “Special Limits of Insurance”. This listing describes the maximum amount of money that you can claim on your policy in regards to specific items that you own. What would happen if your garden tractor were to be destroyed by fire or was stolen? Do you have coverage …


Machinery Loss of Use Coverage

What if your combine is damaged by a rock or it burns this fall. Now you decide you need to rent a replacement in order to continue harvesting? Does your insurance policy pay for these extra rental costs? Your farm policy could pay for these costs but you need to make sure you have the …


Is your ATV covered?

Many of you out there believe your ATV is covered under the Blanket Farm Machinery Floater on your Farm Property Insurance Policy. It can be, but you have to actually tell your broker specifically about it. If you do not it is not covered. An ATV is licensable under the Off-Road Vehicle Act and because …


Your Insurance Coverage

Replacement Cost VS. Actual Cash Value Do you know the difference? Actual Cash Value: Also called market value, this term refers to the actual or current value of property just prior to the time of an insurance claim.  The value includes many different deductions i.e.: depreciation due to age, general condition, upgrades, location, obsolescence and …


Insurance Tips “101”

With today’s Insurance market being as “tough” as it is, “Extra Care” is advisable and in some cases required. There was a day when a client that had a “bad run” of claims, could always find another insurance company to take on the renewal or the existing company would just surcharge the policy. Today I …


Pollution Issues on the Farm

In a number of situations farms really do not have the necessary coverage for pollution exposures. Today’s volumes of pesticides and manure combined with ever increasing environment regulations and/or sensitivity to these issues mean that many farmers are not well protected in the event of a disaster. Insurance companies are becoming more aware of the …


Farm Safety and your Insurance Policy

I know, we have all been told to be safe. We all understand how a fraction of a second can change your life forever, this is a very important consideration…have you considered another cost? Statistics show that farm accidents increase during the rushed long days of the harvest season. Of course there is often property …