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Award of Excellence

Dale Rempel Award of Excellence

History: The Dale Rempel Award of Excellence recognizes individuals who have made a significant difference in the professional development of insurance brokers. Only one person is selected each year to receive the Award.

Anyone who has made a significant difference in the professional development of insurance brokers is eligible to receive the Dale Rempel Award of Excellence. This includes association volunteers/non-volunteers, members/non- members, and brokers/non-brokers. As long as the individual has made a significant difference in insurance broker education, he/she is eligible.

Award Nomination Process:  Only IBAC and its 11 member associations are eligible to submit nominations. Nominations must come from an association, through the association’s representative, i.e. Chief Staff Executive, President, who signs the official nomination form and the main nomination letter on behalf of the nominating association.

The same person can be nominated again, if he/she is not selected to receive the Award in a given year. A full nomination package (items listed above) must be prepared again and submitted for each subsequent nomination.

Award Presentation:  The Award is an engraved, silver-toned metal coin encased in clear Lucite. IBAC will invite the selected individual to attend the IBAC President’s Dinner (held in conjunction with IBAC’s AGM) the same year, as IBAC’s guest, where he/she will be presented with the Award.

News Article – Thom Young (2018)

2019 Recipient – Wayne Vokey

2018 Recipient – Thom Young

2017 Recipient – Greg Mansfield

2016 Recipient – Tara Chammartin

2015 Recipient – Bryan Yetman

2014 Recipient – Rodney Hancock