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Fleet Safety Initiative

Local Insurance Brokerage Keeping MB Roads Safer

Rempel Insurance Brokers, Manitoba’s largest independent transportation Insurance broker, is taking a proactive approach to protecting their clients. They have aligned with the trucking industry’s top fleet safety experts to ensure the most up-to-date safety information is easily accessible to their clients.

Rempel Insurance Brokers have formed a strategic partnership with Tim Lucko and Rick Geller of GL Transport Consulting (GLTC). Tim and Rick have extensive knowledge and experience in compliance and governance of fleet safety management. They are known throughout Canada and the U.S. for their training and guidance within both the transportation and insurance industries. By aligning with Rempel Insurance, together they can further their mutual goals of delivering the most relevant safety information to the transportation industry, creating a culture of safety and improving business outcomes.

Fleet Safety Services

  • Fleet Safety Survey (Audit)
  • Preparation for Loss Control Visits
  • Safety Manual Development
  • Driver Training & Onboarding Program
  • Safety Manager Coaching
  • Ongoing consulting based on custom recommendations
  • Lead your organization safety meeting

GLTC’s long term fleet safety service offerings in Manitoba are now exclusive to the clients of Rempel Insurance and focus on improving safety through assessment and coaching of both governance and compliance within an organization. If you are interested in learning more about how to qualify for these services, please signup using the form below.


Upcoming Events

Driver Training

When: Wednesday June 21, 2023
Where: Morris Multiplex

The topics that will be covered include:

1. The difference between orientation and onboarding; why both are essential
2. Ongoing professional development of all employees
3. Coaching and mentoring

Past Events

April 2023: We brought in the U.S Department of Transportation to speak with our clients which was well received. This is what they spoke about:

  1. Changes to the SMS Carrier Safety Rating System – The US-DOT has filed a notice of proposed rulemaking changes to the Safety Measurement System that are undoubtedly the most significant changes to occur in the past 10 years. Proposed changes include a reorganization of Safety Categories, a new process that will group violations, simplified weighting process, and the division of maintenance violations to identify those that should be observed during a daily vehicle inspection (by the driver) and those that should be observed by the shop.
  2. Requirements for daily vehicle inspections in the US – clarifying confusion that exists over whether a pre-trip or post-trip inspection is required in the US.
  3. An update on the Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse – changes to the limited query requirement and a new notification system designed to assist carriers.
  4. ELDs- hours of service and US Data transfer guidelines – updates to clarify requirements
  5. Personal conveyance – clarification regarding what qualifies as personal conveyance miles in the US.

October 2022: Rempel Fleet safety program launched and we did a seminar for our transportation clients on accident investigation including liability loss prevention training. The seminar received excellent feedback from the industry and we received requests for additional events and topics for the future.

Meet the Team

Rick Geller

Rick’s leadership experience in the transportation, insurance, and risk services industry spans over 30 years. He is an industry thought leader that provides innovative client centric solutions.

Rick began his career as a Fleet Safety Manager and this led to roles as a transportation underwriter, a loss prevention director with a national insurance firm, and an executive role as the transportation lead at a national risk consulting firm.

As an engaging and persuasive leader and mentor, Rick is known for his ability to work with clients to benchmark their current practises, to identify and track opportunities for improvement, and increased profitability.

Tim Lucko

Tim has over 30 years of risk management experience in the transportation and insurance industry. He is a seasoned executive practitioner that inspires organizations to embrace risk mitigation solutions beyond the driver allowing for integrated services solutions.

He has held progressive management and executive rolls in transportation risk including enforcement, program risk management/assessment, and loss prevention auditing. The core of Tim’s understanding of the transportation industry come from the drivers seat.

Tim’s focus is on optimizing the customer experience, risk safety preparedness, while leveraging education and data analytics which integrates and improves business culture, delivering profitable customer outcomes.