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Dale’s Hail – Crop Hail Insurance

Crop Hail Insurance Designed for You

Getting the crop in the field represents the largest single investment that a farmer makes each year.  To protect your investment, contact one of our hail insurance experts who will tailor a crop insurance package suited to your individual needs.

Reasons to buy Dale’s Hail Insurance

  1. Several crop hail insurance companies to choose from
  2. High level of customer service
  3. Knowledgeable sales representatives
  4. Over 30 years experience in the field
  5. Flexible payment options

Why buy your crop hail insurance coverage early?

  1. Peace of Mind – from damaging storms that can suddenly arise.
  2. Rates – purchase before lowest rates in your township close.
  3. Choice – purchase from your preferred hail company before the township closes.

We represent all Private Crop Hail Insurance companies using the Broker Distribution Channel.

  • Canadian Hail
  • Co-op
  • Palliser
  • Rain & Hail