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Tenant’s Insurance

Manitoba Tenant's Insurance Designed for You

Whether you rent an apartment or a house, tenant’s insurance in Manitoba (sometimes referred to as renter’s insurance) will help you replace your belongings after a loss due to an insured peril such as theft or fire. 

Contact your Rempel Insurance Broker for Manitoba Tenant’s Insurance options.

Tenant's Insurance Coverage

  • Covers your belongings, helping you to re-establish your life after an insured loss.
    • Insurance doesn’t just cover furniture, TVs and expensive items; it also may repair or replace pots and pans, toys, clothes and many other household items.
  • Helps to cover the extra cost that my result from an insured loss.
    • Pays for extra necessary expenses (i.e. hotel bills, restaurant meals, and moving costs) while your apartment is being repaired.
  • Helps to protect you if someone sues you for unintentional damage or injury.             

Tenants are responsible for harm caused to the apartment and others who live there or visit. If someone slips and falls in your apartment you may be financially responsible for the cost of the injured individual’s pain, suffering and medical expenses.

As a Manitoba Tenant’s Insurance broker, we know that every individual is different and we want to make sure you have the best coverage possible for your specific needs.

Liability Insurance Coverage

The personal liability portion of your tenant’s insurance applies at your apartment or home. It covers you for  “unintentional” harm to others or their property.
Liability coverage does not apply to injuries sustained by you or by members of your immediate household.

Additional liability coverage may be required for boats, golf carts, trailers and business activities.