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Rempel Scholarship

Dale Rempel Scholarship

History: The Dale Rempel Scholarship was established in 2012 by Dale’s wife Lynn and children Brent & Leanne. Dale battled brain cancer and never lost his desire to help others, to volunteer, or to embrace life.

It is the family’s wish to remember his passionate citizenship by recognizing and encouraging a Morris School graduating student with a scholarship.

2020 Recipient – Hillary Jorgenson

Hillary Jorgenson is the 2020 recipient of the Dale Rempel Scholarship.

2019 Recipient – Gena Edel

2019 Recipient accepting award from: Shawn Graydon (Rempel Insurance).

2018 Recipient – Kelsey Edel

2018 Recipient accepting award from: Shawn Graydon (Rempel Insurance).

2017 Recipient – Josh Nickel

2017 Recipient accepting award from: Rebecca & Brent Rempel and son Matthew.

2016 Recipient – Nadine Mendel

2016 Recipient accepting award from: Lynn, son Brent, grandson Dale Jr, daughter Leanne, grand daughter Grace & daughter-in-law Rebecca Rempel.

2015 Recipient – Kirsten Van der Linde

2015 Recipient accepting award from: Becca & Brent Rempel

2014 Recipient – Krista Edel

2014 Recipient accepting award from: Lynn Rempel, Leanne Rempel and baby Grace Rempel

2013 Recipient – Trayza Stobbe-Fright

2013 Recipient accepting award from: Leanne Rempel, Lynn Rempel, Rebbecca Rempel & Brent Rempel

Scholarship Criteria Guidelines: The recipient shall be a graduating student who possesses many of the following qualities: passion; solid work ethic, willingness to help others and community, a positive attitude, a belief that a challenge is an opportunity, and  a willingness to learn.

They wish to recognize a student with a cash amount to assist him/her:

1. with a volunteer project, whereby he/she strives to better the lives of others locally or globally.

Examples: YWAM, Holiday Hero, children’s camp leader, orphanage or other mission trip.  The student would have an intention to further his/her education in the future.


2. with Post-Secondary Education if he/she demonstrates leadership in the community in the area of volunteerism. The student must be enrolled in post-secondary education for the fall term.

Scholarship Rules for Awarding of Funds:

Morris School Faculty will assess and award a candidate each school year

A cheque would be issued to the student to help with volunteer project costs or tuition.