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Knowing your Hail Insurance Options

We are in the middle of another unique growing season. The switch from drought to flood has been flipped in many areas and the cost of seeding a crop is at record levels. You could sit on your deck and calculate these expenses, but you’d be donating blood to the local mosquito population if you …


Custom Application Insurance

It’s hard to believe that in a few weeks we will be enjoying spring!  Remember running water, ground that isn’t frozen, and skin that hurts because it’s hot, not cold? And after spring comes summer – the time of the year where our frozen ground warms up long enough to produce some wonderful crops!  The …


Lightening Your Load

Are you carrying a heavier load than normal these days?  Whether it is the never-ending cold, the rising costs of inflation eating away at your bottom line, or the fact that major league baseball is not happening on schedule this year, there are many reasons to feel like you are carrying an extra load. Licensed …


Explaining Subscription Policies

In the midst of an insurance market where insurers are less and less excited to write new policies, and where they are scaling down their capacity for existing business, we are seeing the need for more subscription policies to insure the increasing limits on property insurance policies. What in the world is a subscription policy? …


Preparing you (and your insurance) for 2022

If you have been one of the lucky people to hibernate for the past few months, let’s catch you up on life events to get you ready for 2022.  Depending on when you went into hibernation, the Toronto Maple Leafs are on pace to lose in the first round of the playoffs, we had another …


Navigating Liability Claims

Whether it is Santa getting injured while coming down your chimney, one of the reindeer spraining an ankle slipping on a poorly cleared sidewalk or a case of wide-spread food poisoning to your neighbors due to some Christmas baking gone wrong, liability risks are all around us.  Let me be the first to fill your …


Environmental Liability Insurance

Climate change, pipelines, carbon tax, methane from cows.  Let’s talk about the environment. Or since I’m an insurance broker with a one-track mind, let’s talk about insurance for environmental exposures that exist. Environmental liability insurance is readily available in Canada. Even with the challenging insurance market we are facing, the Suez Canal blockage hasn’t stopped …


Role of an Insurance Broker

While on the golf course this past weekend it was suggested by a friend that insurance brokers only have time to golf and send invoices to their clients.  While this may be true for some brokers, my golf game is evidence that I spend a lot more time working for my clients than I do …


Insurance Values and Inflation

Insurance Values and Inflation One of the most challenging things to do right now when advising clients on their insurance coverage is giving direction to building costs in light of the changes that have happened to the price of steel and wood in the last year.  This has caused many insurers to increase the level …


Understanding Co-Insurance

Understanding Co-insurance In the last few weeks, I have had the privilege of getting on the road to see clients again. I have finally seen the new shops, refurbished hopper bins & fertilizer tanks, house additions, office remodels and an intentionally crooked garden shed that takes the gold medal for lock-down projects that I’ve observed.  …