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Protect your Investment with Hail Insurance Options

With many areas of our province experiencing very dry conditions there is a need for rain.  If the last few years have proven anything, it’s that we are able to grow decent crops without extra moisture.  We have also seen that even when we receive limited amounts of moisture, there is still a risk of …


Rental Protection for your Farm Machinery

There are a few areas of insurance that I believe are especially important.  Hands-on experience is a great teacher, and prior to my career in the insurance industry, I had the privilege of working on a farm for three years and I rather innocently learned the fine art of causing farm machinery insurance claims. Please …


No Longer Alone

Have you ever felt alone in the world?  I recently had a conversation with a co-worker that shook my perspective and made me realize that I am no longer alone.  While this may make you want to burst out in song and unleash your inner Barbara Streisand, let me explain. Becoming a licensed insurance broker …


Are All Brokers the Same?

Occasionally we are asked whether insurance coverage, rating and options are the same for each broker.  If you have an auto policy, isn’t it the same at each broker?  If you have a farm policy, is there any difference if we deal with one broker versus any other broker in the province?  If I need …


Decades of Consistency

Two decades of publishing farm articles is worth celebrating. Congratulations to the team at the AgriPost for being a pillar in the agriculture community in Manitoba for the past twenty years. This milestone led me on a journey back through articles written on insurance over the past two decades. It is interesting to see that …


A Year Like No Other

What a year we have had in 2020.  In some ways it has absolutely flown by, leaving me wondering where the time went.  In other ways, as I think back to memories of January and February, they feel like ages ago, not a mere ten or eleven months. With all of the chaos, uncertainty and …


Celebrating Common Sense in a Year of Uncertainty

One of the unexpected consequences that I have observed as a fallout from our current pandemic is that the gift of common sense seems to be as rare to find as a Minnesota Vikings championship ring. Since March, I have found it so refreshing to work with people and insurance companies who are applying common …


Who Has Your Back?

What is the role of an insurance broker? Does it seem like technology should have replaced the insurance broker a decade ago? What value do I have as a farm or business owner in using a broker versus finding coverage directly from an insurer? I will never forget my conversation with the owner of a …


Insuring Your Grain Dryer

With harvest right around the corner, this is a great time to start thinking about your grain storage and drying systems to make sure they are ready for the excitement ahead! Part of the job of an insurance broker is to understand the different nuances and specialties of the various insurance companies that we represent. …


Business Interruption Insurance and COVID-19

A common question we are receiving these days is whether a contagious virus (you may have heard of it) causing loss to business revenue is covered by the business interruption coverage on an insurance policy? Business Interruption coverage is set up to pay for ongoing expenses along with the optional loss of profits that can …