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Archives - January 2015


Local Cancer Care Fundraiser Support

(Corey Mazinke, Matt Mazinke, Cheryl Gemmell, Robyn Collette, Lynn Rempel, Shawn Graydon, Paul Remillard, Jeff Landry, Jamie Vanderlinde, Tyler Penner) Rempel Insurance stands tall with Pembina Valley Twisters in the fight against cancer.  January 23-25, 2015 is the Cancer Care Weekend at the Morris Arena and Team Rempel has started the fundraising with a donation …


Vacant Buildings

Insurance companies take buildings that are vacant very seriously. The experiences with vacant buildings historically have not been good so the rules for these are quite stringent. Examples of a very concerning situation are properties such as a house, barn or office building. Machine sheds or grain bins are not a concern to insurance companies …