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Time Flies

This past week we celebrated another milestone. Colin Harbinson is the fourth person in recent years to be celebrated for 20 years of working with Rempel Insurance Brokers. Colin 20 yrs Award January 8/18 1998-2018When I thought about Colin completing 20 years I could not believe all that he has seen in the workplace. I …


Equipment Breakdown Coverage

Farm and Commercial policies cover the electrical, mechanical and other equipment used in most operations for losses caused by fire, theft, collision and other events. But most property policies specifically exclude losses arising from a very common problem, equipment breakdown, which includes electrical injury (surge), mechanical breakdown, pressure explosion, rupture and cracking. So, any business …


Group Health Insurance

All business owners have Group Health Insurance Plans available to them. Yes, a Group of “1” qualifies for a Group Plan. When talking to clients about a Group Plan, the conversation often goes to questions about dental, travel insurance and massage therapy. It should because these are important coverages but not all employers want to …


Machinery Loss of Use Coverage

If have an insured loss to any of your machinery you will likely need to rent a replacement while the damaged one is being repaired or replaced. This can be very costly for you unless you decide to transfer the risk to the insurance company. The Machinery Loss of Use Coverage will pay the rental …


Construction Project

Sometimes you need to buy a Builder’s Risk policy when doing construction projects and other times you don’t. If the coverage is required, it can be purchased by your General Contractor or by you. When you do a new building project, the only coverage suited is the builder’s risk policy. To obtain full and complete …


Insuring your Grain

There is property on your farm that you may not have thought to insure. The Threshed Grain Floater is an important coverage when you consider this is what you worked all year to produce. Each bin or truck load represents thousands of dollars of investment and can be insured adequately. It is your cash flow, …


Private Crop Hail Insurance

Are you protected from the devastation of Hail and Fire to your crop? With Private Crop Hail Insurance, you get both Hail and Fire coverage. Both losses are paid on a “spot loss” basis. Crop Hail insurance provides immediate cash flow relief. Hail insurance is one of the smallest per acre input costs. Can you …


Contractors with Insurance

You decide to do a renovation or addition project. You run your business in this building and you rent out a portion of it to another business. You hire a contractor or sub-trades to do the work and while doing this, they start a fire or cause some other damage to the building. Tenants or …


Pollutant Losses

Today’s volumes of pesticides, fuel and manure combined with the ever-increasing environment regulations and sensitivity to these issues makes this an important consideration. A hazardous materials cleanup crew, the long tail of environmental monitoring and environmental fines can really add up. Legal Liability coverage is readily available for little to no extra cost for sudden …


Replacement Cost vs. Actual Cash Value

Replacement Cost coverage is very different than Actual Cash Value coverage. RPL Cost Coverage has the intent to put you back to where you were before the loss. Therefore the premium and limits of coverage are not based on the current resale value of your building. They are based on the cost to rebuild similar …