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Time Flies


This past week we celebrated another milestone. Colin Harbinson is the fourth person in recent years to be celebrated for 20 years of working with Rempel Insurance Brokers.

Colin 20 yrs Award January 8/18

When I thought about Colin completing 20 years I could not believe all that he has seen in the workplace. I started to look at the changes. Back in 1998 he would have rented VHS movies from “Shell”. The Hockey news declared Wayne Gretzky the greatest NHL player ever. – happened to be an Edmonton Oiler; Colins’s team. His kids were asking for a Nintendo 64 & saw Toy Story in the movie theatre. Titanic was another popular movie. Back then we didn’t have TV in our office or email but we had a typewriter, paper files, and a Barbershop.

In 1998 e-commerce & the internet started to take off & we thought about getting our own web site. He will remember the slow dialup of “the Web” or internet. We couldn’t use the fax machine and the debit machine at the same time. He may have had to take home floppy disks with backups of our server. The Search Engine Google was founded. Windows 98 released by Microsoft

2000- He was here when we were concerned about the Y2K bug; all computers had to be prepared so that the computers would not shut down. Fears of traffic lights, banks & power grids shutting down. We were warned to have cash & groceries on hand. We had an in house email type messaging system on our computers. We only used the post office & fax machine.
Computer monitors were bulky. Digital cameras replaced Polaroid cameras.

We would crumple photos of our kids into leather carriers we called “wallets.” Texting T9 2005- Facebook debuted. MySpace was the first social networking platform.

2008- smartphones were introduced; Blackberry, Nokia & Apple iPhone. He has worked through 4 prime ministers Jean Chretian; Paul Martin, Stephen Harper & Justin Trudeau. He will remember where he was when the planes hit the World Trade Center and possibly when Osama Bin Ladin was eliminated. He worked through 4 presidents of the United States; Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Barack Obama & now Donald Trump. He has worked under 2 Presidents at Rempel Insurance. Having started under Dale for 15 years and now Lynn for 5. We have watched our families grow up- jumping on trampolines & playing hockey together, graduate, some have married and blessed us with grandchildren. Not sure which is harder to believe that they grew up or that we became grandparents!

Through all the changes, many things have stayed the same. Colin can be relied upon to take care of Rempel’s customers to the best of his ability in the same way he would want to be treated. He has adapted to many changes in the world and the industry; not always jumping up and down for change, but willing to listen & wanting to serve because he knows we have the customers best interests in mind. He has faithfully served his community through the fire department and coaching kids sports, and his church. Numerous people have been blessed by his singing and his drum playing; and his sense of humour. Success is not just a good paycheck, a busy career, the house you live in or the cars in the driveway. When you do well, you can volunteer and give back as he has done for many years.

If you also care for others and build a strong personal life with friends and family, it will add up to a successful life.

Colin I commend you on a successful 20 years, your work ethic and loyalty to Rempel Insurance. It is a milestone you can be very proud of. Congratulations!

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Written by: Andy Anderson