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An Insurance Broker is the Smart Choice!


An insurance broker – who works for the client and not an insurance company – can help you get a suitable insurance policy at the best price.

Here’s the big question: Do you have the right insurance coverage on your policy?

If the answer is I am not sure, think about this. Who do you buy insurance from, someone that is working for you or someone that is working for the insurance company?

Call on an independent insurance broker. Brokers work for the client, not for an insurance company. A Broker is there to guide and seek the best coverage available at the best price available by scanning the marketplace. A Broker who specializes in your area of business is therefore even more familiar with your needs and knows what is available by which insurance companies. Also, when a claim happens, the broker is there to help with the negotiations in the settlement of a fair claim. The broker cannot settle the claim or decide how much should be paid out but they work with this on a regular basis and know how an insurance company work and think. This can be very important on the way to settling a claim quickly and fairly.

A farmer, which I had just met (we’ll call him Bernie), one evening we were “farming” recently in our lawn chairs then ended up talking about insurance. While casually talking we identified a very important coverage that Bernie currently has. Co-incidentally Bernie had been talking to an insurance person who was working for one insurance company (an Agent), this coverage issue was missed in their discussions and he was not made aware of it. Bernie was considering purchasing his insurance from this individual without a professional independent comparison of coverage. The next day he mentioned how important this was to him and that even though he liked the cheaper price he could not go without this specific coverage. He was very thankful and learned a huge lesson.

Buying insurance from an Insurance Broker is the smart choice. Ask your current insurance provider if they can provide coverage comparisons with premium estimates from other insurance companies! Be informed!

Be sure to seek advice and purchase insurance from those who understand your business!