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Do you have insurance on your ATV?


ATV’s are being used more and more on the farm, you see them in many yards and in many fields. These units are very important to your farm and are quite expensive to purchase. Sometimes these machines are left out in the field for many hours and from time to time they are even left there overnight. These units are very handy and they will no doubt be used to burn field straw. 

Often when I ask my clients about insuring their ATV, they tell me that their ATV is covered, because it is part of their Farm Machinery and that they have a “Blanket Farm Machinery Floater” on their farm insurance policy – Wrong Answer!  There is no coverage on farm policies or – house insurance policies for that matter, for ATV’s, Dirt-Bike’s or Snowmobiles unless they are specifically scheduled on the policy.

The other alternative you have is to insure your ATV with Manitoba Public Insurance with options such as:

  • Collision damage ($200 or $500 deductible)
  • Comprehensive coverage, including fire, theft, hail and vandalism ($200 or $500 ded)
  • Accident Benefits coverage – protection for your own injuries, regardless of fault, such as disability, medical expenses and death or funeral benefits
  • Family Protection coverage
  • Basic $200,000 Third Party Liability coverage is included, you can increase it to 1, 2 or 5 Million.

Call your Insurance Broker to make sure all your motorized vehicles are covered. If your decision is to insure with Autopac, just bring in your paperwork to your broker and you can add the coverage’s of your choice for your unit. 

Ensuring your ATV is covered is very important, especially when you consider the Liability exposure!