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Is Your Garden Tractor Fully Covered?


All Farm Homeowner Policies have what is called “Special Limits of Insurance”. This listing describes the maximum amount of money that you can claim on your policy in regards to specific items that you own.

What would happen if your garden tractor were to be destroyed by fire or was stolen? Do you have coverage for the full value of this unit?

Policies have a script in the coverage’s that read similar to the below:

We insure: Lawn mowers, snow blowers, garden tractors or other motorized garden equipment up to $5,000 in all.

If your total value of equipment based on “new value” exceeds this you may want to increase the coverage limit to its full value for an additional annual premium. It is not uncommon for new yard tractors with all the attachments to cost $20,000 to $30,000.

In order to have full coverage without allowance for depreciation at the time of a claim you will no doubt want to increase the limit of insurance.

Today’s farmers should purchase insurance from people who know farming. Farming should be viewed as a business, and you should seek advice from people who understand your business.