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Livestock Transportation Coverage


If you haul your own livestock, make sure you have coverage on your farm policy for transportation. Not all policies automatically cover this.

Back when I first started in this business, farm policies provided transportation coverage on livestock that you hauled yourself. Today with different insurers coming into the ag. sector because others left, things are not so black and white. This transportation question is important depending on which insurance company you are dealing with.

If you do not haul your own then you should know at which point you still own them. If the purchaser takes ownership once they are on the truck, you have nothing to be concerned about. If the purchaser takes ownership only at destination then you should consider asking some questions about coverage of the trucker’s policy. It is a better idea to know this and address it now rather than after the loss. Little can be done at that point!

Be sure to seek advice and purchase insurance from an insurance broker who understands your business!