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Private Crop Hail Insurance


Are you protected from the devastation of Hail and Fire to your crop? With Private Crop Hail Insurance you automatically get Hail and Fire coverage and both pay on a “spot loss” basis. Also, with Crop Hail insurance in place you are provided with immediate cash flow relief, this is something that no revenue program offers. Hail insurance is the smallest per acre input cost.

It has already hailed in Southern Manitoba, so now is the time to buy! Insurance companies are just like you, they do not know where it will hail this summer so they limit the amount of risk they accept in any one area. Once they hit that dollar amount of risk they stop selling in that specific area. The problem is that if you have not purchased your coverage yet, you will need to buy from another company, likely at a higher cost.

Insurance: Money from many to pay for the losses of a few. This is the very basic principle of insurance. As these insurance companies practice Risk Management you do as well. How much risk can you afford and how much risk are you comfortable with?

Be sure to seek advice and purchase insurance from those who understand your business!