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Tenant Legal Liability Coverage


Are you renting any buildings? It may be Grain Bins, a machine shed or if you are operating a business it might be a garage or office space. If so, be sure to mention this to your insurance broker.

You will want to mention this because if you cause damage due to your negligence to the property that you are renting you may find yourself being required to cover the costs. The requirement may come from the landlord or their insurance company. If there are other occupants in this same building you may be required to cover their loss of business revenue as well.

Some policies include coverage up to a specific dollar amount for this exposure but most do not.

A few examples of damage that you maybe held responsible for are fire, electrical damage, water damage and how about you or your employees driving into the wall (by accident of course).

Be sure to seek advice and purchase insurance from an insurance broker who understands your business!