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Your Employees Income Replacement Plan


Most farms will employ either part time, full time or even casual employees.  The full-time employees often become part of the farm family and the farm owner becomes very concerned about their employee’s financial well being should they sustain an injury while on the job.  A number of farmers I talk to say they would help out their employee for a short-term disability, but wonder how long they could pay an employee while paying another to do the work?  Obviously not for very long, it is just not sustainable.  A number of farmers believe they have liability insurance that will pay for employees lost income. This may be true, but only if there was wrong doing on the part of the farm business. What if the farm is not negligent in any way?  In order to find this out, the employee would have to sue his employer and litigation can take years.  How does he put food on the table in the mean time?  What if the courts decide against the employee?  If you purchase the right insurance, neither need to worry.  The farmer and the employee are no longer concerned about finances if the employee cannot work due to an injury.

Insurance policies vary, the right policy is dependent on a number of factors.  Some examples are:  Do you want injury and sickness coverage, Do you want 24/7 coverage or only while working coverage, are you full time or part time, your current age, do you want a specific number of years coverage or to a specific age?

Be sure to seek advice and purchase insurance from an insurance broker who understands your business!