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Role of an Insurance Broker


While on the golf course this past weekend it was suggested by a friend that insurance brokers only have time to golf and send invoices to their clients.  While this may be true for some brokers, my golf game is evidence that I spend a lot more time working for my clients than I do working on perfecting my swing.

The role of the insurance broker is something that is often misunderstood.  In a nutshell, the job of a broker is to help clients navigate the process of managing risk and transferring some of it to insurance companies.  Here is a list of simple steps that your insurance broker should be accomplishing on your behalf.  Does your broker:

  1. Invest time to learn about you and the industry you work in?
  2. Keep up to speed on changes in your industry as well as how the insurance industry is reacting to these changes?
  3. Provide strategy on handling future risk rather than just assuming that your risk today is the same as it was last year?
  4. Represent you in the best possible light to insurance companies and coach you in ways to improve your image and reputation to insurers?
  5. Negotiate insurance and claims solutions on your behalf?
  6. Educate you on your options to transfer risk to insurers?
  7. Make risk / insurance decisions easy to understand?
  8. Measure and monitor the results that you and your broker have agreed upon?

If you are looking for a golf coach, keep searching.  When choosing your insurance broker, make sure that you are working with someone who will educate you, not just try to sell you insurance.  At Rempel Insurance Brokers Ltd, we work hard to make sure our clients know their coverage and their options.

Be sure to seek advice and purchase insurance from those who understand your business!


David Schmidt is an Account Executive and Rempel Insurance Brokers in Morris, MB, specializing in insuring farms and businesses across Manitoba and Saskatchewan. 

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