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Do you hire Employees?


If your farm hires help over the course of the year, you better make sure you have Employers Liability coverage on your farm insurance program.

Being that you have hired labor working for you on your farm, legally you have a duty to take care and provide a safe working environment for them. If you do not and your employee gets injured on the job you maybe visiting your lawyer.

Employer’s Liability protects you from lawsuits that arise from employees who get hurt while working for you. The typical first response is that your employee will not sue you and threaten the lifeblood of the farm. This is partially true, they may not want to but if they are in a position of not being able to work and bills are stacking up. They may be left with little other choice. If they are living in pain that to have been know to change attitudes.

Whether you were negligent and the reason for the injury or not really does not matter. If someone wants to bring a lawsuit forward against you they can. If you have discussed this with your insurance broker and the coverage is on your policy, the insurance company will be there to defend. They will pay for all associated costs: court costs and legal fees and compensatory damages for the claimant.

Be sure to seek advice and purchase insurance from those who understand your business!