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How much is enough?


Your life is an asset, just like a car, a home, or a business. When you lose it, you may want to be compensated for its value. You do not have to trade in other assets.

The mortality rate in this country has not changed. It remains at 100%. The question remains, what is the length of your life?

This means that the only time you have a chance at buying the family lifestyle protection or business insurance you need is today. Tomorrow might be too late and that is not manipulation. It is just the truth.

If you want to protect the ones you love, you buy the insurance before you need it because if you wait until you need it, it is too late. House, car and farm insurance is that way too.

Another reality about life insurance; whatever amount you buy, you’ll be wrong. For example: If you plan to buy what you need if you die today and you don’t die for 20 years, you may have too little. If you buy what you’ll need to protect your expanded lifestyle 20 years from now, and you die tomorrow, you may have too much. 

The question you have to answer is; do you want to be wrong about your insurance to your family’s benefit or to their detriment?  No one ever complains about too much life insurance proceeds.

Once you know the whole story, you can adjust the purchase based on your budget.